Ignition Factory designs and produces interactive training and communication programs for businesses, institutions and universities. As a training institution, we offer to our customers a turnkey service.
Present on every business sectors, we have developed a real expertise in Bank/Insurance, Health and Energy & Construction fields

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Development of smart contents

We help the development of new practices.


We conceive smart contents from your expertise or from your formal or informal educational fund, to create or complete existing training and communication programs. These contents can be reused and valued by all the actors of the company.

We make them accessible on every types of media and contribute to develop new practices of training.

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Promotion of innovative formats

The combination of playful mechanics, cognitive psychology and technologies.


MOOC, COOC, SPOC change our way of learning and especially our way of learning together. To serve your training and/or communication objectives, we encourage the development of new practices through various tools (video 360° , interactive video) and on a wide range of media (PC, tablets, mobile phones, etc.).

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Air liquide
Schneider Electric
Crédit Agricole
Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus
Edp sciences