BPCE entrusted us with the design and the relaization of a learning game to better engage its employees to CSR issues, The Game of Sustainable Development is based on the springs of “Le Jeu de l’Oie” (Snakes & Ladders) . One must learn to manage various criteria (social, economic, environmental ) in a balanced way to advance in the game and come without pitfalls at the end of the game.

Gustave Roussy

A learning game helping to prevent certain type of cancers. This module has been designed for teenagers and young adults. Using a fantasy environment, it proposes a representation of the disease and its effects as well as the therapeutic strategies to fight against the disease. The learner has to explore the territory into which he is plunged, to set up some prevention initiatives and, if needed, has to fight the disease.


8 episodes of a Series of Training in the form of serious games which plunges the learner into the day-to-day life of a family. The learner and his team have to get to know the family and its history, and to help them solve their problems, as an insurer. The team have to lead specific tasks to bring a good quality of service to their client, by respecting the values of Axa.


A serious game allowing the learner to live different working-like situations linked to the day-to-day issues encountered at the reception desk of the hospital. The game is designed in a series of modules and varied educational activities (lasting between 10 in 15 minutes depending on the module). Around a pedagogy in divided into 3 times : observation, critical analysis, simulation, the game finds balance between the situation scenario of “clichés” and the valuation of the function at the reception desk


How to use the resources of the serious games to raise awareness of architects and actors of the construction field on the use of BIM (Building Information Modeling) in France. We place the learner into a realistic situation in which he/she, as an architect, has to experience a project using the BIM process to build a new work. The treelike browsing in the game is punctuated by strategic milestones which impact the life of the project (budget, deadlines, quality).


12 mini-episodes to communicate on the assets and the services offered by the e-BTP portal. The objective was to create an “instinctive e-BTP reflex” for people working in the building and construction companies, when they need to answer generic questions & issues relatives to the sector. Once a week, an e-mail containing a link towards the new episode is sent to the various companies.

Airbus Defense & Space (Cassidian)

One of the training department of Airbus group entrusted us with the realization of a serious game and additional mini-games about security of information and cyber-defense. Their objective was to help their customers understand the stakes in the cyber-security field (eg : good use of mobile media, prevention of phishing, etc.).

Air Liquide

A Web application created to raise awareness on the stakes of energy transition among the Air Liquide’s shareholders. The players, gathered into teams of 3, manage the energy transition in Europe from 2015 till 2030. They have to use the multi-touch features of the iPad to make the right choices, take good decisions and lower the rate of emitted CO² and the quantity of fossil energy consumed

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Intended for the Communication services of Production Engineering Direction of EDF, two educational videos with the objective to explain the effects of ionizing radiations on the human body, in particular on the thyroid organs. Favoring a Motion Typo motion, these videos were developed with medical experts in a process of co-creation




A learning game leaning on custom-made contents issued from the informal educational capital of Adisseo. Each learner follow his own personalized route with a unique assessment in the form of guide. The training course is played: the learners benefit from a Marketing Tool Box, which allows them to transpose training experiences in their professional universe

Crédit Agricole

Conception, realization and deployment of the “Village of the innovation “. One evolutionary Web application to: discover the innovations of the banking Group by universe; put the bases of a universe valuing all the initiatives related to innovation within the Group; favor the development of the collaborative work through a variety of integrated tools.